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24 September 2021 - 7 min read

Case Studies

Rebate Estimate: on-the-spot estimates for your dental patients

Receptionist from Happy Smiles smiling into the camera.

Dental treatment costs are understandably some of the most expensive across any allied health service. Which makes the management of patient expectations an all-important part of the treatment experience. How do you do it, and is there an easier way? We spoke with Sarah Cohen from Happy Smiles Dentist to see what she had to say about Tyro’s Rebate Estimate feature.

What is the Rebate Estimate feature?

Tyro’s Rebate Estimate feature allows you to generate an estimate for the amount a patient will be covered for by their private health insurance for a particular treatment.

It puts the control in the patient’s hands, as they can view and consider what coverage they are eligible for before they undertake their dental treatment. It’s reassuring as well, as it allows patients to more easily plan for the expense of treatments which improves treatment adoption and ultimately provides a better overall customer experience.

Who can use Rebate Estimate?

Rebate Estimate is currently available for dental practices, as it is supported by Dental4Windows and Praktika, two of the most popular dental Practice Management Software options.

Rebate estimates can be generated easily and quickly for any patient who is covered by a private health insurer supported by HealthPoint and has their card available for swiping.

How does it work in practice?

Sarah Cohen, Practice Manager at Happy Smiles Dentist, which provides general dentistry to the people of Hornsby and surrounding northern suburbs of Sydney, explains how a Rebate Estimate works. “I find the process very easy,” Sarah says. “We choose what items we want to have quoted on and swipe the customer’s health fund card. It then prints out a little report from the machine. It’s very straightforward.”

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the Rebate Estimate feature extend to customers and dentists, particularly when a proposed treatment is complex or costly.

“It’s been so helpful for the dentists,” explains Sarah Cohen. “When they’re offering a large treatment plan to patients, the patients know exactly what they will get back from their health fund.”

“At Happy Smiles, we have a lot of loyal customers,” Sarah says. “They know we go to the next level for customer service and make sure they leave feeling really positive about their dental health and the next steps of where to go.”

For Practice Managers and other staff, having the Rebate Estimate function fully integrated is key. “Integration with Dental4Windows makes everything at the front desk a lot faster,” says Sarah. “Particularly on the days when both surgeries are full, we have a lot of patients to check in, so it makes the day a lot smoother.”

Why Happy Smiles Dentist chooses Tyro

“We chose Tyro because it integrates well with Dental4Windows,” says Sarah Cohen, whose husband is the principal dentist at Happy Smiles Hornsby. “This integration makes everything at the front desk streamlined.”

“Patients being able to claim back from their health fund while they’re at the reception desk is really important to us,” says Sarah. “And, we really like the Rebate Estimate feature.”

With Rebate Estimate functionality, dentists can focus on their core work, front desk staff can provide efficient service, and customers – especially those requiring complex or expensive dental treatments – can feel more in control of their treatment costs.

Are you a dental practice keen to offer your customers rebate estimates?

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