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15 September 2020 - 10 min read

Case Studies

A Growing Understanding: Aligning patient outcomes with new technology

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A Growing Understanding Speech Pathology is a respected and independent Newcastle speech pathology service, with a reputation for high quality and evidence based care. Founded by Lauren Haskins, a leading speech pathologist passionate about helping children and their families build confidence in communication.

Starting with patient outcomes in mind, Lauren and the A Growing Understanding team have built a successful clinic with the right mix of technology, team and processes to provide a delightful client experience.

A group of A Growing Understanding employees posing for a group photo. A group of A Growing Understanding employees posing for a group photo.

Challenges for a growing business

Since establishing A Growing Understanding in 2016, Lauren has grown the clinic with a team of experienced speech pathologists and client experience officers across multiple locations in New South Wales’ Hunter region. The need to streamline and automate their process became apparent as the business started to scale.

We are growing quite significantly with three sites in Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, the systems in place need to support our entire service regardless of the site,” says Lauren. “It’s about the systems in place to make sure our growth is sustainable and providing great experiences for the families we serve.

We want to automate as much of our processes as possible. Previously we were using terminal machines in our clinics with manual work to get those payments processed, our team was contacting clients and manually keying details into the terminal. This meant book-keeping and reconciliation could be a challenge with errors that can occur with manual process,” added Lauren.

Right time and the right support

Lauren is also a Clinic Mastery member, a progressive health business academy helping clinic owners align their purpose with growing a thriving business. Tyro Health online was introduced to Lauren as a health payment solution that can streamline Private Health Insurance claims and Medicare rebates by integrating with Cliniko, their Practice Management System.

Clinic Mastery’s Grow Your Clinic weekend was the first time I’ve heard about Tyro Health Online. We love Clinic Mastery and they are definitely a driver of our growth,” added Lauren.

Finding the right support with Tyro Health Online

When I was registering our providers for Tyro Health Online, everything I needed to do was served on a silver platter by the Tyro Health’ support team. I love a good live chat! It doesn’t matter if the response is instant or takes 20 minutes, as long as it’s a quality answer it gives you the trust and assurance that you’re supported by their team,” explains Jordan Farrelly, the client experience officer at A Growing Understanding.

When we were starting to introduce Tyro Health Online to our clients, for a family with kids in tow and wanting to leave promptly, removing those extra few steps in manually processing a payment means they can get out in a timely manner,” added Jordan.

The biggest impact for our business is Tyro Health Onlines virtual terminal. It’s very very easy to use and depending on the personality of our clients and what will get their attention, I can choose to send an SMS message or use the Virtual terminal to take a payment.

The Tyro Health solutions A Growing Understanding has implemented

Tyro Health Online Card Payments
A Growing Understanding uses Tyro Health Online Card Payments to digitally process debit and credit cards. This includes the ability to use the Tyro Health Online Virtual Terminal to save and process card payments, or, send a link to a patient to pay using their smartphone (including Apple Pay or Google Pay functionality). Learn more here.

A Growing Understanding used to process Medicare claims using their physical terminal. This meant that a client had to present their payment card, then Medicare card and finally a card to rebate the claim into. For the team, the process required manually entering details such as referral information every time. Typically it took anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. Now with Tyro Health Online, and an integration into Cliniko, all this information is stored, and a claim takes less than 30 seconds. Learn more about our Medicare integration here.

Connecting technology with patient outcomes

Responsible for helping A Growing Understanding to get started was Lawrence at Tyro Health.

At the heart of what we do is help clinic owners get paid faster. Ultimately when a clinic is spending less time processing payments or on administrative tasks, they have more time to focus on their patient’s experience. At the end of the day our goal is to assist clinic owners, their providers and admin staff with their patient experience and we play a relatively small piece of the puzzle. But I’m proud to have been able to help Jordan and Lauren from A Growing Understanding with getting started!” added Lawrence.

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