Tyro Health Mobile machine

Tyro EFTPOS Mobile machine sitting on counter ready to be used
Medicare Easyclaim
Integrated Medicare Easyclaim ¤

Process bulk bill and patient claims, with an eligible rebate available to patients immediately.


Settlements paid into individual provider bank accounts (multi-merchant) when accepting payments on a shared EFTPOS machine.

Manual card processing (MOTO) δ

Process payments manually without a card present. Perfect for telehealth consultations.

Transact on the go

A portable machine allowing your patients to pay and claim from anywhere – your front desk, consultation room or at the patient’s home.

Take payments and claiming to your patients

Give your practice staff and customers greater flexibility when it comes to payments with our Mobile EFTPOS machine.

  • Integrate seamlessly

    Integration with a range of Health PMS systems to process transactions reducing manual key errors.

  • Least-cost routing with Tyro Tap & Save

    We’ll route eligible transactions through the cheapest available card network with Tyro Tap & Save. *

  • Your fees, your business

    Whether you choose to pass on all, or some of your fees with each patient transaction, our Dynamic Surcharging feature makes it effortless. ^

  • Charge up

    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 8 hours (subject to usage).

  • Flexible connectivity

    No Ethernet cable need. Easily connects to your practice’s WiFi network.

Accept these payment types and more


Machine rental fee

per month


per transaction, incl. GST
incl. interchange and scheme fee

Simple Pricing

Uncomplicated pricing for health and pharmacy merchants. Simple pricing takes the guesswork out of your processing costs by offering a single price for all the features you use to run your business. Simple and easy-to-understand.


More than
one location?

Custom pricing

Call us on 1300 00 TYRO if you have multiple locations and would like to discuss pricing options.

See which EFTPOS machine is right for you

Enquire about or compare our range of EFTPOS solutions to see what’s right for your health business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the battery last on the Mobile EFTPOS device?

    A fully charged battery will last, on average, 4-6 hours. If conditions are viable it can last up to 8 hours before needing to be put on charge.

  • Do I need to switch bank to use a Tyro Health EFTPOS machine?

    Settling into the Tyro Bank Account means you can access your EFTPOS takings fast and on the same day through same day settlement §, including on weekends and public holidays. Don’t have a Tyro Bank Account? No worries, you can always settle into your nominated or linked Australian Bank Account. Or better yet, open up a Tyro Bank Account and choose to allocate a percentage of your takings in your Tyro Bank Account or your linked Bank Account.
    For more details on Tyro’s banking product, visit tyro.com.

  • What payment types does the Mobile machine accept?

    Tyro offers a wide range of payment options to give your customers the flexibility to choose how they wish to pay. Tyro’ Mobile device lets you accept major card and contactless payment options including Visa, Mastercard®, eftpos, American Express, JCB, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.

  • Does the Mobile machine integrate with my PMS system?

    The Mobile EFTPOS machine integrates with a wide range of Practice Management Systems. See if we integrate with your PMS by visiting our list of integrated Practice Management System partners.

  • Can I process private/overseas cover health insurance claims with the Mobile machine?

    Private health and overseas cover insurance claiming requires an Ethernet connection. Currently, it’s only possible to process these types of claims through our CounterTop EFTPOS machine.

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