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with multi-merchant

Our multi-merchant functionality enables practices to share an EFTPOS device with unlimited providers, and settle funds separately.

What is Multi-merchant?

Multi-merchant is a key feature of our EFTPOS solution, enabling practices to add multiple providers to a single EFTPOS machine. Payments are processed against each provider, and then settled directly to their nominated bank account.



Key Benefits:

  • Card payments processed on a Tyro EFTPOS device can settle directly to the nominated bank account of that provider.

  • Streamlined transaction processing for practice staff at no extra cost to practice or providers.

  • Unlimited number of health provider accounts linked to one EFTPOS machine. With the ability to debit fees from a nominated account.

More Benefits


Access to full transaction and settlement reports for a practice and its individual providers via the Tyro Merchant Portal.


Descriptions can be enabled for each provider on cardholder statements, which can reflect the provider’s name or business details.

Individual surcharging

Dynamic Surcharging * can be enabled and managed via each Merchant ID.


Refunds are part of the daily settlement position for each provider’s bank account.


Fees can either be debited from the practice account or structured to be debited from the providers’ accounts and separate invoices can be created for each provider just for their portion of transaction and EFTPOS machine rental fees. More details can be found in this help article.

Independent use

A shared Tyro EFTPOS device can continue to be used to raise Medicare or Private Health Insurance claims against each provider practicing at that location. Each provider in a practice, sharing a single Tyro EFTPOS device, can be independent with respect to Medicare Easyclaim and Private Health Insurance claiming ^.


Funding chargebacks come from the settlement bank account of the transacting merchant – depending on set up, these can either be managed by the practice or individual providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many providers can I have on the one EFTPOS machine?

    The number of accounts that can share an EFTPOS device is unlimited; if you have an integrated PMS you will need to ensure the list of providers is also updated within the PMS software.

  • How can I manage the providers MID on their behalf?

    You will need to be given access to the providers MID via the Tyro Merchant Portal.

  • Can surcharging be enabled at the practice level or by individual providers?

    Surcharging is enabled via the Tyro Merchant Portal and is set per each individual multi-merchant account. As a self-service, you may enable surcharging for all multi-merchant accounts with a surcharge rate that reflects the whole practice, but this is enabled within the individual multi-merchant accounts. When surcharging has been enabled or anytime it is updated you will need to restart your EFTPOS terminals to reflect the changes.

  • How are merchant service fees and machine rental fees allocated with Multi-merchant?

    You can choose to have the merchant services fees and machine rental fees debited from either the practice or the providers’ accounts. This is established at the time of setting up multi-merchant. If you choose for fees to be debited from the individual providers’ accounts then the merchant service fees are charged based on the individual providers’ accounts transactions, and the EFTPOS machine rental fees are split equally by the number of transacting accounts within the merchant group.

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